Photo courtesy of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Photo courtesy of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Commercial vehicle registration in the European Union showed a 3.9% improvement year-to-date in November 2017 compared to what was reported last year, and was bolstered by light commercial vehicle and the heavy truck segments, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) said.

Spain, France, and Germany remained the markets with the highest recorded commercial vehicle registration gains in the EU, according to the ACEA. Spain grew by 15.1%, France gained 7.8% growth so far this year, and Germany grew by 3.6%. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom showed a 4.6% decrease, versus a 3.9% drop last month, compared to last year. Meanwhile, comparing November 2017 data to the same time last year showed an overall 2.5% growth in the segment compared to last year.

More than 2.2. million new commercial vehicles were registered in the EU from the start of the year up to November 2017, according to the ACEA

More than 1.8 million new vans were registered in the EU, up 4.6% compared to last year. Spain, Germany, and France continued to lead the way by gains in 18.4%, 8.5%, and 6.2%, respectively. The United Kingdom showed declines of 4.1% in this segment. When looking at November alone, the segment showed a 3.3% increase compared to 2016 data.

In the new registration for the medium- to heavy-duty commercial vehicle segment, registration for the year remained stable when compared to last year. Countries in the EU that showed significant commercial vehicle registration growth were Italy (7.5%) and France (6.5%).However, vehicle registration for this segment in November 2017 alone, declined 14% in the United Kingdom and 13.5% in Italy, but increased 6.3% in Germany.

Finally, registration for heavy commercial vehicles was also stable for the year, growing 1.1%. This was bolstered by Italy (11.4%) and France (6.8%). For the segment, November 2017 alone data showed a 2.2% improvement over registrations during the same time last year