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Fleet registrations in Germany were up in March, including EVs, reflecting continued growth from the country in 2019, unlike other countries in the EU which have seen declining numbers so far this year.  

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Verizon Connect Adds Fuel Purchase Data in Europe

Fleet managers in three European countries will be able to feed fuel purchasing data into their Verizon Connect Reveal telematics platform under a new partnership between the telematics provider and UTA, a European fuel card provider.

German Fleet Registrations Dip in September

Registrations in the German true fleet market saw 38.5% decline in September following the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) deadline on Sept. 1, which requires manufacturers to ensure certain vehicles meet a new required emissions standard before they are able to legally sell them in Europe.

Sofico Expands U.K. Services

Fleet software provider Sofico Services UK has set up a new regional office in the UK to better service growing numbers of local customers as it continues to expand in the country.

July Brings Growth to German True Fleets

The German passenger car market grew by 12.3% in July 2018, which represents the highest growth through the first seven months of 2018. The private market also posted strong growth, at 16.1% year-over-year.