Isuzu Truck South Africa (ITSA) was the No. 1 selling Japanese OEM in South Africa in 2016 for the fourth consecutive year and ended with a 14.6% market share from the total park of 3,952 units, reports Cape Business News.

With 1,971 units sold across the 19 N-Series model derivatives totalling 50% of total ITSA volume for 2016, Isuzu Trucks claimed 23.3% of the total medium commercial vehicle (MCV) market. However, in the heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) market of 5,460 units, 28.3%, or 1,545, units were Isuzu’s.

The recent acquisitions of Port Elizabeth-based companies Kanu Commercial Body Construction (Pty) Ltd. offers the opportunity to deliver ready-built trucks to dealers faster, while chassis modifications are done by Automotive Chassis Technologies (ACT) where required. Both Kanu and ACT still service the local market and are not solely dedicated to Isuzu Trucks.