NetraDyne launched a platform designed to give fleet leaders the ability to identify, recognize, and reward positive driver performance.

driver-i enhances driver safety within the commercial vehicle market by offering fleets a more robust view of daily events. The platform was developed to capture every moment and aspect of the driving experience, according to the company.

The driver-i system has artificial intelligence technology that identifies and detects images throughout each route and analyzes their impact on the driver’s workday. The reasoning and causality of everyday events like following distance, ‘stale’ traffic lights, and the action of other vehicles on the road are computed at the vehicle level.

Fleet managers that use driver-i are provided additional tools that help to stabilize fleets. The driver-i’s proprietary GreenZone Driver Score provides fleets with the ability to see how drivers are tracking against team safety programs and goals. The GreenZone utility also offers performance-based push notifications so fleet managers can pass along kudos and rewards for excellent driving practices.

“We believe that vision-based solutions are revolutionizing driver analytics by individualizing the driver, leveraging their strengths and identifying best practices,” said Avneesh Agrawal, NetraDyne’s Co-Founder and CEO. “The driver-i platform protects commercial vehicle drivers, which are a fleet’s most valuable asset. Our solution fosters collaboration, recognition, and retention; all of which have a positive influence on a fleet’s bottom line.”