WEX, Inc. will roll out a driver messaging feature as part of its ClearView analytics platform later this year that will send text messages and emails to remind drivers to use less expensive fuel stations or fill fleet trucks with unleaded rather than premium fuel, according to the company.

WEX is also adding a "fuel price optimization" feature that will help fleets identify lower-priced fueling alternatives to high-priced purchases, said Kurt Thearling, WEX's vice president of analytics.

The updates will come as WEX moves to the second generation of its ClearView platform, a cloud-based fleet analytics and benchmarking platform introduced in October.

With the driver messaging feature, WEX will send text or email messages to drivers who consistently rank as higher-cost fuel users. The messages begin as more subtle reminders to seek out lower-cost fuel or cease using premium fuel in vehicles that don't need it. The messages can escalate and become more adamant if the driver continues the behavior. Fleets can also set up the messages to go to the driver's supervisor. After a message has been sent, ClearView tracks driver behavior to measure driver compliance and calculate total savings for a fleet.

ClearView gives fleet managers a view of fleet-related activities and expenses, and allows them to review activity for cost-saving opportunities, receive insights to better manage asset performance and expenses, and eliminate manual calculations.

ClearView offers several software modules, including Volume & Spend, Exceptions, and Community that help fleets better manage fuel use.

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