Fleet Logistics, a Europen independent fleet management provider, has set up a preferred dealer network in the UK covering all major OEMs and with a set of new contractual agreements.

The new preferred dealer network, which comprises 11 dealer groups and dealerships, provides UK fleet customers with access to 25 different makes throughout the UK, and includes all the most popular fleet manufacturers, according to the fleet management company.

The preferred dealers have all agreed to new terms and conditions, service level agreements, and key performance indicators, and their performance will be reviewed quarterly to ensure they continue to meet Fleet Logistics’ standards, according to the company.

The new initiative is expected to deliver a number of major benefits for Fleet Logistics’ UK fleet customers, including contracted KPIs to measure dealer performance, better dealer discounts and rebates, and a number of process efficiencies, including reduced delivery times, improved service levels for drivers plus a new program of demonstrators, according to the company.  

Fleet Logistics, which has more than 180,000 vehicles under contract in 27 countries worldwide, placed more than 4,000 new vehicle orders in 2015 in the UK. Its most popular OEMs currently with fleet customers are BMW, Volkswagen, Vauxhall, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz, according to the company.



If successful in the UK, Fleet Logistics said it plans to roll out the preferred dealer network initiative to a number of its major European markets, including France, Belgium, and Germany. A similar system already exists in the Netherlands.

Fleet Logistics’ Head of UK and Ireland Sue Branston said that the new network would speed up the new car ordering process significantly, depending on the vehicle ordered, and would improve the channels of communication and accuracy of vehicle specification checks.