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Final VW Diesel Modification Approved

Volkswagen has gained approval from air regulators of the final modification plan for the remaining vehicles that contain software designed to defeat emissions tests, the California Air Resources Board has announced.

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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Names New CEO

Volkswagen has appointed Thomas Sedran as the CEO of its commercial vehicles brand, which will officially take effect September 2018.

Volkswagen to Launch Carsharing Service by 2020

These services are to be extended to major cities in Europe, North America, and Asia as early as 2020.

Volkswagen, Suppliers to Develop Autonomous Vehicle Data Standards

Volkswagen Group of America and four large automotive suppliers have formed a working group to develop technical standards to improve the way vehicles transmit data, which will help enable fully autonomous vehicles, the company has announced.

Ford, Volkswagen Discussing Strategic Alliance

Ford Motor Co. and Volkswagen AG are exploring a strategic alliance that could lead to the joint development of a line of commercial vehicles, the manufacturers announced.

Germany Fines VW $1.18B for Diesel Cheating

Volkswagen AG has been fined $1.18 billion (1 billion euros) by public prosecutors in Germany over diesel emissions cheating in approximately 10.7 million vehicles.

States Invest VW Diesel Settlement in Clean Vehicle Technology

Millions of dollars in settlements from the VW diesel emissions cheating scandal will be made available for clean vehicle technology in California and Connecticut.

Volkswagen Adds Security Features to Car-Net App

Volkswagen is rolling out a few vehicle security updates in its Car-Net app on May 9 that include Curfew Alert and Valet alert that notify owners if their vehicles are being driven without permission, the automaker announced.

Volkswagen Shakes Up Electrify America Leadership

Electrify America named Volkswagen’s former head of E-Mobility, Giovanni Palazoo, as the company’s new CEO where he will lead the next phases of charging infrastructure implementation.

Volkswagon Recalls Audi Models for Coolant Pump

Volkswagon Group of America, Inc. is recalling an estimated 342,867 Audi sedans and SUVs for electric coolant pump problems.