Wheels, Inc., a provider of automotive fleet leasing and management, is offering a comprehensive toll management solution for one of Canada’s most iconic toll routes.

Wheels announced that 407 ETR, which services the greater Toronto and Hamilton area, has been added to the list of tollways covered by the fleet management company’s Toll Management program. Through this service, Wheels provides up-to-date tolling equipment, robust expense reporting and full administrative support for its clients and their drivers, helping companies reduce their toll violation rates by up to 95 percent.

“Launched in 2010, the Wheels Toll Management solution has proven very successful at helping our clients significantly reduce the financial and administrative impact that tolls and toll violations have on their fleets,” said Gail Wheeler, Wheels’ assistant vice president of marketing. “By adding Canada’s 407 ETR to our program, we’re now the only fleet management organization that provides clients with coverage in virtually all major tolling regions in North America.”

Wheels’ Clients whose drivers use the 407 ETR now have access to the same administrative and transaction management benefits that the company delivers for virtually all other major toll routes across the continent. For example, Wheels can now act on its clients’ behalf to administer plate enrollment, consolidate existing 407 ETR accounts, and handle transponder delivery and returns. Wheels also provides an in-house call center for driver assistance, consolidated billing and 407 ETR toll usage reporting on its online fleet management platform, FleetView.