Photo: Volkswagen

Photo: Volkswagen

The Volkswagen T-range is entering the new year with an additional Transporter version. The Transporter Kombi Doka Plus spans the divide between pure commercial vehicle and comfortable passenger car, according to the automaker.

The Transporter Kombi Doka Plus can carry up to six people on the seats of the first and second row, in addition to featuring an enclosed cargo compartment behind.

The core element of the Doka Plus is a triple bench seat in the back and a windowed partition in line with the C-pillar, according to the automaker. The vehicle provides a clear separation: the cargo space is accessible only through the back, with the side doors being reserved for the crew. In addition, the vehicle’s rear compartment has panel sides.

The Transporter Kombi Doka Plus is available with short or long wheelbase. The maximum cargo space ranges from 3.5 to 4.4 cubic meters depending on the model.

In addition, there is a choice of two trim levels and of individual seats or an individual driver’s seat combined with a double bench seat for passengers in the front. With a washable rubber floor the Trendline represents the more robust version, while, with a hard-wearing carpeted floor, high-quality side panels and large storage compartment under the triple bench seat, the Comfortline conveys an upmarket ambience.

The full spectrum of engines is available, ranging from the 62 kW TDI front-wheel drive, the gasoline versions and the 132 kW TDI, and extending all the way to the 150 kW TSI with 4MOTION all-wheel drive and DSG.

The Transporter Kombi Doka Plus is available to order now, with net prices starting at €27,605 (62 kW TDI Trendline with short wheelbase), according to the automaker.