The Energy Saving Trust and Transport for London (TfL) have announced a new initiative to help businesses in Greater London increase their use of ultra-low emission vans and light trucks.

Working with local businesses, the ‘Rapid Chargepoint Mapping’ project will identify potential locations for rapid chargers in the capital by analyzing fleet telematics and scheduling data.

“There is a strong business case for the adoption of electric vehicles and this has been shown through our previous work with business fleets. These benefits are particularly prevalent in London, with TfL recognizing the potential for electric vehicles supported by rapid charging infrastructure,” said Phillip Sellwood, the Energy Saving Trust’s chief executive. “We are confident that our work through the ‘Rapid Chargepoint Mapping’ project will provide the information needed to facilitate new electric vehicle infrastructure throughout London.”

London-based fleets operating vehicles of up to 12.5 tons are invited to take part in the program, according to the organizers. Each participant will receive a tailored report, showing whether there is a business case for adding ultra-low emission vehicles into its fleet.

“The ‘Rapid Chargepoint Mapping’ project will help deliver more efficient electric fleets and improved air quality for all,” said Ian Wainwright, TfL’s head of Freight and Fleet Programmes. “Ensuring the most suitable locations are selected for charging points will vastly improve the efficiency of electric vehicles, helping to make them the economical alternative for fleets. With vans and other lightweight goods vehicles accounting for over three-quarters of the freight miles in London, this project has the opportunity to make a significant contribution to reduced emissions in the capital.”