Operators of Afghanistan's ubiquitous three-wheeled motorbike taxis aka tuk tuks have been converting their vehicles to run on propane autogas to save money, according to a report on www.khaama.com.

To handle the conversions of the popular vehicle, a number of specialized outlets have sprung up. The use of propane autogas also known as liquefied propane gas or LPG promises to drop the operational cost of the tuk tuks by up to 50 percent.

While converting to the inexpensive fuel has been an attractive way to save money, unlicensed shops have sprouted up beside trained, licensed professionals. The results have been a number of fires, which have resulted in the deaths of drivers and passengers alike, according to the khaama.com article.

Currently, propane autogas is imported into Afghanistan. If the the fuel can be produced locally--as it is hoped it will be in the future--it should drop the price further, according to the report.

In addition to the immediate monetary benefits for the operators, propane autogas burns cleaner than traditional gasoline, reducing emissions and cutting air pollution.