The top blogs from Automotive Fleet show managers were interested in EVs, the UAW strike, industry trends, and more.  -  Photo: Automotive Fleet

The top blogs from Automotive Fleet show managers were interested in EVs, the UAW strike, industry trends, and more.

Photo: Automotive Fleet

From electric vehicles to the UAW strike, Automotive Fleet sought to provide expert analysis on the biggest industry news in 2023. The most-read blogs from the past year provided in-depth looks at 2023's most important developments for fleet managers and professionals.

Here are the most-read Automotive Fleet blogs from 2023.

Top Automotive Fleet Blogs

  1. Electric Vehicles — Where are the Profit Margins? - Over the past year, the electric vehicle rollercoaster has seen record-setting sales, price hikes, and most recently price slashes. Added to the mix are new EV incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act, and that relief for buyers is putting new upward pressures on pricing. How do automakers ride this coaster to achieve a healthy profit?
  2. Understanding the Importance of GM Envolve - Automakers are integral to the data and connectivity play: Those robust telematics systems used to pull data from modems installed in the aftermarket. Now, the systems are pulling data from automakers’ own factory-installed modems. With their deep client connections, why shouldn’t the automakers also take part in this data revenue? 
  3. 8 Trendlines from Work Truck Week 2023 - At this year’s pilgrimage to Indianapolis, new electric commercial vehicle manufacturers competed for attention with the incumbent OEMs in a growing yet challenged market.
  4. UAW Strike & Gov’t Shutdown: A Perfect Storm? - A look at the impact of the UAW strike and how a government shutdown would affect the automotive fleet industry.
  5. How Tesla’s Price Cuts Illustrate EV Ownership Cost Volatility for Fleets - The discounts had an immediate impact on one of the largest fleet owners of Tesla vehicles, at least on paper. 
  6. Scheduled Replacement Cycles Are Becoming a Distant Memory - The pent-up demand from fleet buyers continues to exceed model-year availability of fleet-configured new vehicles from most OEMs. Feet availability has improved in the past year but the volumes are still below actual market demand.
  7. Chevrolet Silverado EV: First Drive & Product Deep Dive - Automotive journalists, YouTubers, influencers, and this fleet guy were invited to Michigan last week to put the brand-new 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV through its paces.
  8. Uptick in Unscheduled Maintenance Increasing Vehicle Downtime - While many vehicle downtime events are unavoidable, downtime can be managed and minimized by adopting a proactive versus reactive maintenance program and by implementing a driver-based versus asset-based fleet safety focus. Fleet data analysis can identify recurring downtime issues.
  9. Fleets Want Trust Restored with Suppliers - The past three years have taken an emotional toll on fleet managers as a result of the deterioration of trust between buyers and sellers. Today, the law of supply and demand is not working in the favor of fleet managers since they have lost their negotiating leverage.
  10. Telematics is No Longer Avoidable - We are a digital and connected society, and that interconnectedness is only intensifying. It is incumbent on fleet operators to have as much transparency and insight into their businesses as possible. 

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