Sponsors will be selected to help drive growth, however they will be added slowly and with great discernment.  -  Photo: Comvoy

Sponsors will be selected to help drive growth, however they will be added slowly and with great discernment.

Photo: Comvoy

Comvoy.com, a structured searchable marketplace for work-ready trucks and vans powered by Work Truck Solutions, announced the launch of NuPropel, a commercial vehicle-centric advanced fuel resource center.

NuPropel is a brand-agnostic clearinghouse of information with a mission to provide all commercial vehicle stakeholders a forum to share and compare the myriad of topics relating to advanced fuel vehicles (hydrogen, electric, etc.) and the transition to net zero work trucks, vans, SUVs, and fleets.

One challenge for business owners and commercial fleet managers is deciding on the right approach as they navigate the seemingly inevitable pathway to carbon neutrality and beyond.

“We want NuPropel visitors to have greater access to trusted net zero information that will help them be more efficient in their research, and to empower them to make better decisions for their fleet’s future, no matter if they are a fleet of three or three thousand,” said Candy McCollum, director of business development for Comvoy.com, in a recent news release.

Commercial Alt Fuel/EVs And Net Zero

Three general criteria drive or limit EV and alternative fuel adoption:

  1. The size of the fleet - Larger organizations with larger fleets can afford to experiment more and expect to gain from the social benefits associated with “green branding.”
  2. The geography of the fleet - Extreme cold has a detrimental effect on EV battery performance for example, and access to charging/alt fuel infrastructure, while growing, is still limited in many parts of the country.
  3. The intended use of the vehicle - For instance, current EV technology is unsuitable for hauling heavy loads over long distances, while urban delivery is a great fit.

Although sponsors will be selected to help drive growth, they will be added slowly and with discernment, with Mullen featuring as Comvoy’s first sponsor.

In addition to overall advanced fuel-educational information, NuPropel features a checklist for EV adoption readiness, a national charging network link, and regularly published new content.

“We are committed to delivering information, news, and data, and are here to help lead the industry that powers 80% of the U.S. GDP into the net zero future it deserves,” said Founder and Chief Vision Officer of Work Truck Solutions Kathryn Schifferle.

Effective decision-making today requires up-to-date information, data, and analytics to drive better business outcomes. The intent is for NuPropel to be the place industry stakeholders can trust to be both current and neutral.

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