Jerry, an AI- and machine-learning-based car insurance comparison service, is now integrated...

Jerry, an AI- and machine-learning-based car insurance comparison service, is now integrated into the Mentor App. Users of Mentor can offer personal car insurance savings to fleet drivers via Jerry.

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Fleets that use the safe-driving Mentor app can now help their commercial drivers save money on personal insurance, too. That’s due to the fact that eDriving, a Solera company, and global provider of digital driver risk management solutions, recently partnered with Jerry, an AI- and machine-learning-based car insurance comparison service.

With Jerry incorporated into their Mentor smart-phone app, fleet drivers can now get customized quotes from more than 50 insurance carriers in 45 seconds. What’s more, the savings on personal insurance are also open to drivers’ family members as well as other non-driver employees of the organization.

The goal of the new offering, says eDriving, is to let employees source personal insurance savings through their driver safety program. Because Mentor already helps drivers embrace safety, the app seemed the ideal platform for Jerry which offers ease, simplicity and convenience to the car insurance buying process for commercial drivers and their families. 

Using sensors in the smartphone, the Mentor app collects performance data on driving behaviors most predictive of crash risk, including speeding, cornering, hard braking, rapid acceleration, and phone distraction. Mentor not only identifies risky behavior, but also helps remediate it by providing engaging, interactive micro training modules delivered directly to the driver in the smartphone app.

Simply put, eDrving’s Mentor smartphone-based digital driver safety program identifies driver risk using a validated FICO Safe Driving Score, and remediates risky behavior with training, coaching, and gamification.

Now, by partnering with Jerry, employees can benefit from savings, all while keeping safety top-of-mind. Jerry customers find competitive rates, with the same or better coverage — averaging $800 annual savings on their personal car insurance premiums, according to the company. Customers can also bundle their auto with home and renters insurance for even greater savings.

Moreover, if a driver finds savings and decides to switch providers, Jerry handles the paperwork and cancels the prior policy. Mentor app users who request insurance quotes through Jerry do not receive emails, calls, or pop-up ads from third parties.

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