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Photo: Skitterphoto

The national average for gas prices dropped 3 cents this week to $2.19, and gasoline demand is the lowest level since mid-June. 

On the week, all states saw gas prices decrease or stabilize at the pump. States with the largest declines are paying a nickel to a dime less, but the majority of state averages pushed cheaper by a few pennies since last Monday, AAA. Current prices are 37 cents cheaper than mid-September last year.

“Motorists will see some cost savings at the pump with the switchover to winter-blend, but the price difference will be less than other years given how cheap prices have been this year already,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson. “However, hurricanes can always change any forecast for savings.”

The nation’s top 10 largest weekly decreases were Ohio (down 10 cents), Kentucky (down 7 cents), Indiana (down 6 cents), Michigan (down 5 cents), North Carolina (down 5 cents), South Carolina (down 5 cents), Wisconsin (down 4 cents), Washington, D.C. (down 4 cents), Tennessee (down 4 cents), and Illinois (down 4 cents).

Meanwhile, the nation’s least expensive markets are Mississippi ($1.86), Texas ($1.87), Arkansas ($1.90), Louisiana ($1.90), Missouri ($1.90), Oklahoma ($1.90), Alabama ($1.91), South Carolina ($1.93), Tennessee ($1.94) and Kentucky ($1.96).

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