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Average National Gasoline Prices Drop Down to $2.19

On the week, all states saw gas prices decrease or stabilize at the pump. States with the largest declines are paying a nickel to a dime less, but the majority of state averages pushed cheaper by a few pennies since last Monday.

ADAS Exaggerates Automated Driving Capabilities to Users

According to AAA, motorists using active driving assistance systems (ADAS), which combine vehicle acceleration with braking and steering, tend to overlook safety limitations on vehicles that suggest an “automated” driving experience.

Gas Prices Fall Again to $2.21

The national average for gas prices dropped 2 cents this week, with a majority of state averages seeing minor drops and a few states in the Midwest witnessing price drops ranging from a nickel to a dime.

Gas Prices Stabilize at $2.18

Gas prices are at $2.18, maintaining prices that have stabilized for the past few weeks and are currently the same prices as a month ago and are 41 cents cheaper than a year ago.

Gas Prices Level Out at $2.17

The national gas price average has pushed only as expensive as $2.20 since the beginning of the pandemic, AAA said. In the last four weeks, motorists have seen the national average slowly decrease, down to today’s average.

Gas price Average Drops to $2.17

A majority of states saw gas prices drop by one to two cents or saw no change at the pump. Though low, the volatility was enough to drive the national average down a penny from last Monday to $2.17.

Effort to Standardize ADAS Nomenclature Expands

The effort —  lead by AAA, the National Safety Council, Consumer Reports, JD Power, and SAE International — is intended to help educate consumers on the benefits, limitations and proper usage of these technologies by establishing standardized naming that is simple, specific, and based on system functionality.