Transplace Platform Integrates with Other TMS Providers

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Transplace recently introduced Transplace Platform Services (TPS), a cloud-based suite that that integrates with shippers’ current transportation management system (TMS).

Shippers input shipping data — either weekly or in real-time — and TPS matches it and compares it to the Transplace network, benchmarking the company against other shippers on the platform and in their industry vertical. This gives them full network visibility in real time, while also automating manual shipment tracking activities and managing exceptions.

“By providing the ability to leverage the Transplace platform for data insights, advanced analytics, real-time shipment visibility, AI-powered service prediction and risk assessment, as well as advanced network collaboration technology, we eliminate a traditional barrier to entry to our full spectrum of logistics solutions,” said Frank McGuigan, CEO of Transplace.

TPS offers three service:

TPS Data Insights: Allows benchmarking across the major key performance indicators (cost, speed, and service) and includes tactical reporting, such as weekly KPI reporting, performance dashboards, and on-demand data network analytics.

TPS Command Center: Full utilization of the Transplace Control Tower, which provides real-time visibility, AI-powered service prediction, and proactive transportation event monitoring.

TPS Marketplace: This network of collaboration services enables shippers to partner with other Transplace shippers through real-time freight auctions, long-term opportunistic continuous moves, collaborative dedicated fleet opportunities, or consolidation of less-than-truckload sized shipments through multi-stop truckloads and collaborative crossdocking.

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