Designed to quickly, safely, and affordably get the goods where they need to go, the Deliverator...

Designed to quickly, safely, and affordably get the goods where they need to go, the Deliverator will target 100 city miles of range, 75-mph top speed, 350-pound carrying capacity, and over 20 cubic feet of cargo space.

Photo courtesy of Arcimoto.

Arcimoto's Deliverator, an ultra-efficient, three-wheel electric vehicle designed for local and last-mile delivery, will be available to rent on the HyreCar platform this summer in Los Angeles, the company announced. 

“Last month, roughly one-third of Americans ordered groceries online for the first time, and the need for both gig drivers and sustainable delivery vehicles is at an all-time high,” Joe Furnari, HyreCar CEO said in a statement. “This will give the growing number of delivery gig drivers access to the lowest per-mile-cost-to-operate delivery vehicle on the road, and it will enable fleet operators tied to the retail industry and small business owners the ability to leverage the Deliverator to profit from Mobility as a Service while reducing their carbon footprint.”

Hyrecar is using this opportunity to provide alternative vehicle solutions on its platform for last-mile food and package delivery in heavily populated areas that can benefit from this environmentally sensitive smaller footprint vehicle.

“The future of transportation will be powered by carsharing marketplace platforms like HyreCar, and we are thrilled to work together renting the Deliverator as we take our next step in building the future of sustainable home delivery,” Mark Frohnmayer, president and founder of Arcimoto, said in a statement.