Lytx Launches Real-Time, Location-Based Video Search

Screenshot via Lytx

Lytx now offers two new map-based search features that allow users to find and immediately retrieve video footage: Video Browse and Map Search.

“These video-search features are significant advancements that enable fleets to take further advantage of their Lytx programs,” said Jim Brady, Lytx vice president of product management.

Video Browse integrates all of the available telematics and video directly into Lytx’s Fleet Tracking map, giving fleets a quick understanding what is happening in their fleets.

Map Search, available through Video Platform, allows users to locate video using only an address or point of interest and general time frame, making it easier to respond to claims or pinpoint an incident. Users can also select a vehicle within their fleet and access video from its on-board DriveCam Event Recorder immediately.

“With around 800 vehicles, manually sifting through video footage from our event recorders isn’t feasible,” said Patrick Landreth, vice president of safety and human resources at Ozark Motor Lines, a Lytx client.

Both features enable access to video in near real-time, allowing fleet operations, safety managers, and business owners to corroborate, in a matter of minutes, driver, customer or pedestrian claims.

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