Loadsmart, Opendock Integrate and Streamline Dock Scheduling

Photo: Evan Lockridge

Loadsmart has partnered with Opendock to integrate Loadsmart's digital freight platform and Smart Scheduling technology with Opendock’s dock management software, enabling shippers to improve the scheduling process.  

In an effort to automate the time-consuming, manual process typically required to book an appointment, the two companies have leveraged artificial intelligence to improve appointment scheduling.

“Shippers are increasingly looking for new ways to leverage technology to eliminate bottlenecks and improve the efficiency of their supply chains,” said Ricardo Salgado, CEO and co-founder of Loadsmart. “The integration of our Smart Scheduling technology with Opendock’s centralized dock management software enables us to remove friction and streamline the appointment scheduling process for our shared customers.”

The integration allows Loadsmart’s Smart Scheduling technology to instantly select and book the best possible appointment by using artificial intelligence to analyze travel time and other factors. It also automatically reschedules appointment if a driver’s estimated arrival time changes due to weather or other circumstances encountered on the road. 

“It’s impressive how [Loadsmart is] using technology to simplify and streamline what’s historically been a very complex and time-consuming process,” said Bob La Loggia, CEO of Opendock. “With this partnership, we’re eliminating a traditional bottleneck that impacts efficiency and on-time service.”

Loadsmart has completed phase one of the integration with Opendock and will continue enhancing and expanding integration touchpoints to make even more use of Opendock’s scheduling capabilities. 

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