GreenPower Motor Company, a manufacturer and distributor of zero-emission, electric-powered vehicles, has delivered its next order of 18 EV Stars to Green Commuter, the company announced. 

Green Commuter previously ordered 103 EV Stars from GreenPower, and by month’s end will have taken delivery of 51 units from Greenpower. Green Commuter is a Los Angeles-based shared mobility company that provides zero emissions solutions for vanpools, employee transportation, and delivery vehicles.  

After this next delivery of 18 units, Green Commuter will have 51 EV Stars in its fleet with 52 vehicles remaining in its current order, with approved California HVIP vouchers totaling $4.5 million that are expected to be claimed by year’s end. 

GreenPower continues to leverage its flagship EV Star Platform with four models serving the cargo, delivery, and micro-transit markets. The EV Star comes with a standard J1772 high power Level 2 and CCS DC fast combo charge system, allowing for optimal flexibility in route planning for any duty cycle.

The bus is eligible for a base voucher of $90,000 from the California HVIP program and an additional voucher of $10,000 when the vehicle is operated in a disadvantaged community.