At the time of the terrorist attacks in New York, AT&T had eight contractor vans in the basement parking garage of one of the towers. “I would suspect it would be a long time before the vans are found, and I would suspect they’re probably not going to be driveable once they are found,” AT&T Motor Vehicle Administrator Carl Nelson told Automotive Fleet. He said all of his drivers were safe. Nelson said his vehicle single point of contact in New York called him the day after the event Wednesday and said he would need to replace the vehicles for the contractors. The replacement ve-hicles were placed into a staging area so the vehicles would be ready to go once they are allowed back into the area. Some of the vehicles were there as of press time. Nelson also said his office is 50 miles away from the Pentagon, which was also hit in the attacks. He said his building coincidentally had an unrelated power failure before the crash and said he had to go outside to a vehicle radio to learn information about the event.