LeaseTrading Inc., a full-service, independent marketplace for the transfer of vehicle and equipment leases, announced an agreement with, an online resource of automotive information, to offer consumers greater flexibility when entering or exiting vehicle leases. Effective immediately, the LeaseTrading offering is part of’s Used PowerShopper service. PowerShopper is a free consumer service that simplifies and aggregates the various transaction options in the used-vehicle marketplace, making them understandable and accessible to used-vehicle shoppers and sellers. After a visitor inputs a ZIP code and indicates interest in buying or selling a vehicle, Used Vehicle PowerShopper provides a list and description of appropriate service providers in the selected region. Through Used PowerShopper,’s visitors can directly access the LeaseTrading online marketplace, located at As a national service, LeaseTrading is available to users across the United States. With LeaseTrading, potential vehicle lessees can locate and lease assets for terms, and existing lease holders can exit a lease agreement by transferring payments to a new lessee. Using its proprietary technology, LeaseTrading manages all aspects of the transfer process from initial listing of assets to exchange negotiation and contact with credit institutions and, finally, to logistics arrangements and asset delivery.