WASHINGTON – Gasoline just keeps getting more expensive, with the national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline hitting $3.60 in 2012, according to an AAA overview of fuel prices for the year. The highest average national price on record previously was $3.51 in 2011 and $3.25 per gallon in 2008.

The national average broke a new daily record for 134 consecutive days in 2012, showing a streak, with a total of 248 days showing record-breaking new highs, which means drivers paid record-high gas prices on 68% of the days in 2012. The highest daily national average price was $3.94 on April 5 and 6, and the lowest was $3.22 per gallon on Dec. 20.

The states with the highest annual average prices include Hawaii, at $4.31; Alaska, at $4.09; California, at $4.03; N.Y., at $3.90; and Connecticut, at $3.90. The lowest national average prices were in South Carolina, at $3.35; Missouri, at $3.38; Mississippi, at $3.39; Tennessee, at $3.40; and Oklahoma, at $3.41. The daily average fell below $3 per gallon in only eight states, whereas the price surpassed $4 per gallon in 11 states, in 2012.

As for the start of 2013, the national average price on January 1 was $3.29 per gallon, which is 4.5 cents higher than a week ago and 1.6 cents up from the same day a year ago.