ACCRA, GHANA - Vodafone Ghana Limited launched a tracking service designed to track and manage fleets of vehicles and general mobile assets for companies.

The device is meant to address several business challenges, including: idling, seppeding, hijacking, fuel and car theft, high-operational costs, and safety of staff and property.

Among the service's features are fuel sensors for monitoring fuel consumption, digital cameras, audio voice recognition, magnetic locks, and coded log-in features.

It is also designed to assist corporate and government customers with five or more vehicles to increase productivity.

The tracking service has a GPS device with a data SIM installed in the vehicle and tracking software installed on a computer that can be accessed by clients through the Internet or via a mobile phone.

According to the company, customers can monitor a number of vehicles throughout the country and beyond simultaneously while the device sends event reports to the customer via SMS, e-mail, and pop-up signals.