BROOKLYN, NY -- Backup safety camera manufacturer Rear View Safety will be taking part in the Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo on Nov. 14-15. The company is showcasing its newest line of industrial-grade backup camera systems, perfect for vehicle fleets in the hauling and refuse sectors. 

“Taking care of waste means using large vehicles, with even larger blind spots," said Eli Spalter, account executive of Rear View Safety.

 "We would like to ensure that everyone on the road in one of these vehicles is equipped with a backup camera to enhance safety everywhere. We are very excited to take part in the Waste & Recycling Expo to show the waste industry exactly what it is we have to offer. To continue to better serve our Canadian customers, we are also opening up an office in the Toronto area to cut down on shipping costs and eliminate duty taxes. Outfit your fleet with our vehicle backup cameras and you can help keep the work environment, and the roads, a safer place.”

The Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo will be preceded by a two-day symposium.  It is Canada’s premier trade show for the waste management industry. The trade show will showcase booths from professionals in every sector.

Rear View Camera System One Camera Setup with Flushmount Monitor

Rear View Camera System One Camera Setup with Flushmount Monitor

Rear View Safety’s booth, number 1850, will showcase the release of its newest commercial backup camera system. The RVS 7706133 is an industrial-strength camera system that comes with a seven-inch digital LCD monitor, a flush-mount monitor bracket and a three-channel multiplexer. This allows for an additional camera or DVD player connection.

The camera itself is both weatherproof and shock-resistant, with night vision capabilities and the option of turning on automatically when a vehicle is in reverse.

Rear View Safety’s Toronto office will bring the company’s bulk offerings into the country for the very first time. Businesses operating fleets of vehicles that order backup camera systems in bulk from Rear View Safety receive several benefits unavailable when purchasing singular units. First, the company will send a representative to the fleet’s headquarters to help assess just how many units and what combinations will best fit the fleet’s needs. The order will also be subject to special discounts, as well as receiving an extended five-year warranty on every item sold.

To add a further convenience, Rear View Safety also provides fleets with replacement parts for all systems purchased. This way, rather than having to send a malfunctioning unit back to be repaired, fleets are able to fix any problems onsite. 

To read more about Rear View Safety before attending the Expo, click here. To speak with a specialist from the company, call (800) 764-1028. To access the company's weekly blog about its backup camera systems, click here.