WASHINGTON – BMW of North America is issuing two separate recalls involving 7-series sedans, the NHTSA reported.

The first recall addresses the potential for doors to open when they appear latched. The second recall concerns the potential for the cars to roll away when they appear to be in the “park” position.

The first recall involves 7,485 2005-2007 model-year 7-Series sedans equipped with both Comfort Access and Soft Close Automatic options. Because of a software problem, the doors in these vehicles may open unexpectedly when they appear to be closed or latched, NHTSA reported.

To remedy the problem, BMW dealers will update the software. This BMW recall affects the 2005-MY 745i and 745Li, 2006-2007 750i and 750Li, 2005-2006-MY 760i, and 2005-2007-MY 760Li.

The second recall involves about 45,000 2005-2008 model-year 7-series sedans equipped with an electronic key and an electronic connection between the gear shifter and the transmission. This shift-by-wire connection automatically shifts the transmission to the “park” position when the driver turns off the engine. But in certain 7-series vehicles, if the driver pushes the engine start/stop button two or three times within a short period of time, the transmission might shift into neutral instead of park.

If the driver is using an electronic key, he or she might leave the car assuming that’s it’s properly parked. Such keys don’t need to be inserted into the ignition lock; they’re typically carried in a pocket or purse. If the driver doesn’t set the parking brake and exits the vehicle when it’s in neutral, the car could start rolling away.

To resolve this issue, dealers will update the software. Vehicle owners can reach BMW at 1-800-525-7417.