TORRANCE, CA - Automotive Fleet’s Editor Mike Antich has written a detailed article covering commercial fleet buying intentions for the 2013 model-year.

Here’s a brief introduction and some key points from the detailed article:

"Although 2013 is shaping up to be comparable to 2012, some commercial fleets are increasing vehicle orders due to improved business or accelerating replacement schedules to take advantage of the strong used-vehicle market."

  • Most capital budgets include the same amount of acquisition dollars as last year, which assures a carryover year for many fleets in terms of ordering volume.
  • However, a number of fleets will acquire more vehicles, primarily due to improving business conditions.
  • Other fleets will be acquiring fewer vehicles in 2013. A key reason is that many companies have taken advantage of the strong used-vehicle market and have been shortcycling vehicles by accelerating replacement schedules.

For the complete article, check it out here: Commercial Fleet Buying Intentions for MY-2013.