TORRANCE, CA – Recently, Automotive Fleet published an article on the “Top 50 Traits of a Great Fleet Manager” by Mike Antich. The editorial staff, however, was curious: Of these traits, what do fleet managers consider the “top of the top”?

A recent poll of fleet managers revealed what the industry believes are the “Top of the Top” traits of a great fleet manager. Do you agree? Leave us a comment! 

Top 10 Traits of a Great Fleet Manager*

1. High Ethical Standards
2. Ability to Make Decisions
3. Problem Solver
4. Excellence Communication Skills
5. Adaptable to Change
5. Knowledgeable About Automotive Trends & Fleet Equipment
7. Analytical Skills
8. Leadership
9. Management Skills
9. Professionalism
9. Accountability
9. Negotiation Skills
10. Enjoys What they Do

(*As selected by fleet managers, in order of most importance. Duplicate numbering indicates tie.)