MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – PHH Arval conducted a series of Fleet Management Symposiums with events in Calgary, Alberta and Mississauga, Ontario.

On May 30, 2012, PHH welcomed clients and suppliers to the Delta Bow Valley in Calgary. Attendees were able to participate in breakout sessions to discuss fleet card solutions, vehicle up-fitting and alternative fuel vehicles. In addition, Jim Halliday, President of PHH Canada, gave a business update and shared his thoughts on the state of the fleet management industry.

PHH held its Central region client symposium at Country Heritage Park in Milton, Ontario on June 13, 2012, and also conducted an industry specific meeting with pharmaceutical fleet professionals on the preceding day. The annual pharmaceutical symposium provides fleet managers an opportunity to share best practices and discuss issues and trends unique to their industry.

The client symposium provided a variety of discussions which included a sustainability presentation delivered by Serge Viola of Purolator, and a panel discussion where clients, supplier partners and PHH experts discussed the topic of reducing fleet costs.

At both regional fleet management events, PHH discussed the evolving needs of clients who utilize trucks and the importance of fleet management providers being able to provide strong consulting capabilities, seamless management of vehicle up-fitting, as well as end-to-end truck solutions. PHH also presented its comprehensive portfolio of secure fleet card solutions which includes enhanced security on PHH’s proprietary service card, as well as a new credit card program that is unique to the Canadian marketplace.

“Customer service is top priority for us, and our Fleet Management Symposiums give us the opportunity to engage clients’ about their priorities and needs. The dialogue from these events helps us to develop the products and services that clients need, and deliver a best-in-class customer experience. I want to thank all of our clients and supplier partners for attending the symposiums, and I also want to thank the PHH employees for their hard work in organizing three successful events,” said Halliday.