ALPHARETTA, GA – LeasePlan USA, a high-touch, premium fleet management services provider, generously supported this year’s NAFA Institute & Expo (I&E) by sponsoring both the Habitat for Humanity build and a student attendee.

On April 20, 2012, for the fourth year, LeasePlan USA sponsored the NAFA Fleet Management Association’s participation in a Habitat for Humanity project. LeasePlan provided T-shirts and bottled water for the volunteers as well as lunch and transportation to the project. Both NAFA and LeasePlan also made a contribution to help continue Habitat’s ongoing mission.

“The experience was truly amazing and I want to thank NAFA and the St.
Louis Habitat for Humanity for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this project. Even in these hard economic times, NAFA men and women came out to lend a helping hand,” said Kristofer Bush, vice president, marketing and NAFA Affiliate.

LeasePlan also sponsored International School of Stavanger student, Jakob Cormier, at this year’s NAFA I&E as part of NAFA Fleet Management Association’s student sponsorship program. The program began at the 2010 I&E in Detroit.

“LeasePlan is committed to the professional development of our employees as well as students that have an interest in the fleet industry. We are excited to share our industry expertise and see it as a rare opportunity to promote and encourage a career in fleet,” said Jon J. Toups, chief sales & marketing officer.

During the I&E, each student was assigned a mentor from one of the sponsoring companies. The students were given the opportunity to learn about the company’s products and services and work with their mentor on the Expo floor. In addition, the students served as class monitors during the educational sessions, which provided them with a unique educational look into the world of fleet management.

The students that took part in this program are studying to become fleet professionals and are enrolled full-time at The Center for Professional Fleet Certification partner schools in the U.S. and Canada.