MT LAUREL, NJ – A new survey of 147 fleet professionals by Automotive Resources International (ARI) found that although 86% of them said fleet technologies could make their fleet processes more efficient, less than half (44%) said they will invest in new technologies in the coming year.

The types of technologies ARI asked fleet professionals about included telematics and GPS, the most widely used at 46%, mobile device applications (22%), and automated solutions for regulatory compliance (20%). The company said no single technology was used by more than half of those polled. These results lead ARI to state that implementation of technology is the biggest barrier to adoption.

“Fleet managers need technology to compete in this ever-changing industry; however, the time commitment and expense is often too high for even large fleets to take on,” said Steve Haindl, senior vice president and CIO at ARI.

ARI added that it had invested in new analytics technology (from SAP HANA) to improve its reporting capabilities.