FRANKLIN, TN – Nissan posted a video interview with Bob Yakushi, director of product safety, environmental, for Nissan North America, where he discusses the automaker’s vision of current and future automotive safety technologies. One of the key technology areas he cites as having accident mitigation potential is vehicle-to-vehicle communication. You can watch the full video interview above. Here's a quick excerpt from the interview of what he discusses:

“For the last 25 years we’ve been focused on passive safety – our zone body construction, multiple airbags to help mitigate and reduce injuries in the event of a crash,” Yakushi said. “Where are headed is how to try to avoid the risk of a crash. So, in that area we have looked at vehicle dynamic control, many of the advanced technologies, such as forward collision warning, blind spot warning, lane departure warning, rear collision intervention. But, ultimately what we want to do is be very predictive.”

“How can we do that? Well, how about cars talking to cars, vehicle-to-vehicle communications,” he said. “As we move in that direction, ultimately this type of communication between vehicles can help mitigate and reduce the risk of injury. We are working pre-competitively with other OEMs to develop a vehicle-to-vehicle, or vehicle-to-infrastructure type communication system to help go toward that zero accident vision that Nissan has.”