REDWOOD CITY, CA – GreenRoad, a leading provider of driver performance and safety management services for fleets, announced a new customer relationship with Summit Ice, a mid-sized regional ice manufacturing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Summit Ice operates a seasonal fleet of 15 refrigerated transport trucks, delivering pallets of bagged ice across northern Utah and into Wyoming. In 2011, Summit Ice selected the GreenRoad driver performance and safety management service to manage driver safety, mitigate risk and maximize fuel performance.

Originally, Summit Ice evaluated legacy GPS-based telematics solutions, but the company quickly deemed those too limited and expensive for its needs.

“Our goal was to think ahead. We wanted a solution that delivered more than just traditional GPS. We knew with today’s technology we could get more data to help us manage safety and mitigate risk,” explained Brian Washnock, president and owner of Summit Ice. “I want to be a good partner with my insurance company and show them that I’m doing everything possible to mitigate risk. I get all this with GreenRoad plus the GPS stored data so I can go back and see where my drivers have been. GreenRoad is definitely the most complete and price-competitive offering we looked at.”

This summer, Summit Ice will use GreenRoad to launch a performance and safety-based incentive program for drivers.

“It’s a necessity to train employees, build a safety culture and show our insurance carrier that we are doing everything we can to manage safety,” Washnock said.

GreenRoad combines advanced in-vehicle driver performance technology with easy-access online data and reporting to immediately transform driving culture. According to the company, most GreenRoad customers experience a 50% crash reduction after six months of GreenRoad use.

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