DEARBORN, MI – Ford announced it’s making significant upgrades to its MyFord Touch system in response to customer feedback. The new features in the upgrade include visual enhancements to the graphics and to system performance. Ford said initial testing shows touch response and voice recognition performance that’s twice as fast as the current system.

Graphics enhancements include larger, bolder fonts, removing some of the visual content to make it easier to find what you’re looking for on-screen, and having screens with a more consistent look. The new fonts are as much as 40 percent larger on some redesigned screens. Ford said it updated more than 1,000 screens with the new look.

The upgrade will be available by visiting a local Ford dealer or via USB drive.

Other features include the following (note we focus on features that fleets might find useful; the system features a number of entertainment feature upgrades as well):

  • Quicker voice recognition on startup and faster command prompt when a user pushes the voice button
  • Voice commands used in conjunction with navigation are simplified by eliminating the need to provide street direction, e.g., “Main Street” instead of “North Main Street”
  • Tablet device (such as the iPad) compatibility via a USB connection
  • Connected navigation powered by TeleNav features new map data by NAVTEQ
  • Smart routing options are provided based on a database of historical traffic patterns
  • Updated map views are richer and feature more 3D landmarks
  • Views of freeway junctions and signs are enhanced through photorealistic screen images
  • Automatic Bluetooth connection on vehicle entry has been improved
  • Noise and echo cancellation during phone calls has been improved to enhance call quality

The system will debut on the 2013-MY Ford Escape, Flex and Taurus, according to Ford. That said, this rollout includes the 2011-MY and 2012-MY Ford Explorer, Edge, and 2012-MY Focus. In addition, owners of 2011-MY and 2012-MY Lincoln MKX crossovers will also receive the upgrade for their MyLincoln Touch systems.

Ford said it will offer the system upgrade at no charge to existing owners of vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch.