SALT LAKE CITY - inthinc Technology Solutions Inc., a global telematics company centered on fleet management and driver safety solutions, announced new technology that actually speaks to drivers when their vehicles are left idling for too long. The idle coaching feature is currently available as part of the inthinc tiwiPro and waySmart fleet management solutions -- which also include verbal alerts for speeding, seat belt use, and aggressive driving behavior.

"Along with our customers, we share a common concern and responsibility to reduce the impact commercial vehicles have on the environment," said Corey Cattan, chief technology officer at inthinc. "Having a verbal alert for idling in commercial vehicles allows drivers to be aware of how long they have left their engine running and helps them stay aware of the environment -- not to mention saving their organizations thousands of dollars in wasted fuel."

Based on the type or purpose of the vehicle, fleet managers can customize when an idling alert is given. For example, if the vehicle is required to remain running in order to perform certain functions such as pumping fuel or running refrigeration, managers can adjust the alert sensitivity accordingly. For a delivery vehicle, on the other hand, the fleet manger can set alerts to occur at any number of 30-second intervals based on the average 'delivery stop' duration.

Fleet managers can monitor idle time for each vehicle in their fleet via inthinc's Web-based management and reporting software. In addition to idling trends, the inthinc portal also provides team and individual driver scores for speeding, seat belt use, and aggressive driving, allowing fleet managers to reward top drivers or provide additional training for those who have lower scores. The portal will also track GPS location, trips details, fuel usage, and other safety and cost-related information.

About inthinc inthinc is a global company centered on telematics, fleet solutions and driving safety. Its breakthrough driving safety solutions are designed to safeguard lives, save money and protect the environment. inthinc technology dramatically improves driver behavior and has been documented to reduce accidents by more than 80 percent. For more information.