IVYLAND, PA - Randy Shadley, CAFM, a long-time fleet and fleet safety professional, announced he now offers a solutions-focused, step-by-step process designed to help organizations improve driver safety and reduce claims of negligent entrustment and vicarious liability. 
“Instead of employing one of those rigid ‘one size fits all’ programs, I find it’s much more effective to identify the root causes of the majority of your problems, and then put in place solutions that fix those problems,” Shadley said. “I specialize not only in helping organizations establish the driver standards, policies, and procedures they need, but also helping them implement programs that are proven to work.”
Shadley said he offers a number of tools, including sample policies and driver agreements; an MVR program that proactively notifies a client when a driver’s risk levels change; targeted training that addresses drivers’ specific needs, and a managed care approach to accidents and related maintenance.
“One of my most notable achievements using this approach helped a fleet reduce its accident rate by 40 percent,” Shadley said. “Before I began, their annual accident rate was 20 percent, which alarmingly is not uncommon. After I reviewed their program and helped implement some simple solutions, they saw an immediate improvement in both the number and the severity of their crashes. The ROI was easy to compute: They had 80 fewer accidents the following year, and at an average repair cost of $1800 they avoided (saved!) $144,000 in collision repairs alone. Besides the savings from having fewer crashes, having an effective program in place greatly reduced their risk of negligent entrustment from using unqualified drivers. The program quickly paid for itself, and now the fleet continues to experience low collision repair costs and reduced, or even avoided, excessive liability settlements.”
Shadley said he is available to discuss fleet and driver safety programs at either large conferences or small meetings, and is currently offering a “no charge, no obligation, no risk” audit of an organization’s current programs. He can be reached at (303) 472-2227.