NEW CASTLE, PA - Pennsylvania Power Company (Penn Power), a FirstEnergy electric utility operating company, has been recognized for outstanding vehicle fleet safety performance by the Energy Association of Pennsylvania.

The Association's Accident Prevention Committee honored Penn Power with a Motor Vehicle Fleet Safety Improvement Award for its exceptional reduction in motor vehicle accidents in 2010, compared to a year earlier. According to a company representative who spoke with Automotive Fleet, the utility company reduced the number of accidents between 2009 and 2010 by 40 percent. The main reason for this reduction was a strong, continuous emphasis on driver safety. In addition, Penn Power's fleet totals 155 vehicles.

"There is no more important measure of our success than the safety of our employees," said Douglas Elliott, president of FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania Operations. "I'm proud of their efforts to ensure their own safety, as well as that of their coworkers and our customers."

Energy Association President and Chief Executive Officer Terrance Fitzpatrick said the awards are a positive reflection of FirstEnergy's overall corporate focus on safety. "I commend FirstEnergy's commitment to greater safety in the industry," he said. "This award recognizes its outstanding achievements in this vital area."

By Greg Basich