WASHINGTON – The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) released a report that showed a number of stats related to how 2011-MY vehicles stack up against the DOT's and EPA's new fuel economy labels.

One interesting finding is that fuel economy has little to do with vehicle size class. The CFA’s chart (shown below) found buyers can purchase an SUV with a rating of 9 or a rating of 1. Even with compact cars, the CFA found some vehicles get scores of 9 or 10 and still others get a score of 2-3.

Beyond those variations, the report showed that when it comes to 2011 models, only 30 percent get a fuel economy rating of 6 or higher (23 mpg or better), based on the EPA and DOT’s new fuel economy labels. In addition, the group said 20 percent of 2011 models are at the bottom of the list, getting scores of 3 or lower.