WOODRIDGE, IL – Combining GPS & cellular tracking, the Morey Corporation has announced the company’s newest product, the Rugged TRAX MT-10 Asset Tracker. The new product is in line with the company’s continued focus on providing advanced telematics-based products and solutions. The battery powered Rugged TRAX MT-10 is recommended for track and trace applications where no consistent power source is available such as, rental equipment, 18-wheel truck trailers and ocean transportation.

The Rugged TRAX MT-10 is designed to deliver business critical data which will help companies to:

  • Save Money – Reducing labor, maintenance, and insurance costs; and total number of assets via better utilization
  • Gain Real-Time Inventory Visibility – With 24/7 access and immediate site check, it eliminates wasted search time
  • Increase Customer Service – Ensures cargo care & safety, as well as increases customer response time
  • Improve Asset Management – Determines and increases equipment utilization through accessible utilization history and deters theft through asset alerts

The Rugged TRAX MT-10 combines the legendary ruggedness, reliability, and superior quality that MOREY is known for, but at a competitive price. The rugged enclosure is designed to IP-67/66k standards and can withstand the extreme shock, vibration and temperature stresses of a typical heavy duty truck or equipment environment. The MT-10 employs the latest wireless communication and GPS technology to access the location data of your assets through:

  • Wireless connectivity via cellular modem
  • Location tracking via GPS receiver
  • Motion Detection
  • Over the Air Programming
  • Battery Powered, Field Replaceable
  • Internal Antennas
  • Hardened, sealed enclosure designed to survive the harshest conditions

“In a tight economy, companies are seeking straightforward, cost effective solutions for better asset management,” said Dana Morey, Executive Vice President for MOREY. “MOREY solutions translate into major improvements in visibility and control of business critical assets, which ultimately translates into better corporate performance.”

For more information, visit www.moreycorp.com.