WASHINGTON - Hyundai Motor Co. is recalling more than 6,000 model-year 2010 Santa Fe 2WD vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions and 2.4L engines manufactured from Oct. 15, 2009 through March 5, 2010. 

The intermediate shaft may suffer from noise and excessive wear because of a misalignment of the intermediate shaft with the right side output gear, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported. 

If the vehicle continues to be driven in this condition, a whirring or whining noise may develop and there could be damage to the automatic transmission. Eventually, this damage to the transmission could cause loss of motive power, posing a safety risk. 

To fix the problem, dealers will replace the right side output gear and intermediate shaft free of charge. The recall is expected to get under way in June. 

Vehicle owners can reach Hyundai at (800) 633-5151.