ATLANTA - Discrete Wireless, Inc. announces its 8.8.2 release of its industry leading MARCUS application, delivering advances in integrated dispatching, enhanced vehicle grouping and robust reporting functionality. 

“We recognize advancements in our industry happen on a quarterly basis, which is why we challenge our development team to keep the industry playing catch-up while we respond in real-time to customer requests for added functionality,” explains Mike Scarbrough, CEO, Discrete Wireless.  “Before the year is out, we expect to further differentiate ourselves within the telematics industry.”


In addition to first to market with two-minute reporting, Google Map integration and 32-point geofencing, the new advancements continue to reduce  the time it takes for customers to realize ROI, with some customers achieving full ROI of their MARCUS purchase in as little as two months. 

MARCUS Drive, an integrated GPS Dispatching Solution, provides instant messaging and navigation, in collaboration with the Garmin® Dispatching software. With real-time GPS tracking functionality and the in-vehicle Garmin device, managers and fleet dispatchers plan their day better by setting up a driver’s daily jobs, communicating through two-way messaging, addressing driver safety by pinpointing driver issues as they happen and ultimately, improving customer service levels, providing them with a competitive differentiator in the marketplace.

MARCUS Pulse offers an intuitive, graphical interface dashboard designed to help fleet managers and owners pinpoint the trends that increase cost and reduce overall productivity.  An important upgrade in the 8.8.2 release is the customer’s ability to set their own goals on key performance indicators (KPIs) to benchmark fleet operations.  In addition, taking into consideration customer feedback, 21 reports track overall fleet performance, including the ability to set up alerts and subscriptions to easily monitor productivity.