WILLIAMSTOWN, PA  – What’s coming in the environmental movement is not originating on college campuses or in political think tanks—new and increasing momentum is the result of public and private vehicle fleets demanding environmentally friendly and American‐made alternative fuels.

Koppy’s Propane, Inc. has joined Alliance AutoGas, a nationwide clean vehicle conversion and fueling network, to deliver clean‐burning, affordable propane autogas to the rapidly expanding and cost‐conscious Pennsylvania market.

Propane autogas is the most widely used alternative vehicle fuel in the world, but has just begun to catch on in the United States. Autogas is popular because it saves at least $1 per gallon versus gasoline while emitting significantly less greenhouse gasses. The U.S. propane autogas supply is 90 percent made in America, so fleet owners, managers, drivers and customers can do their part to enhance national energy security by using autogas.

“Not only do fleets running on autogas experience reduced operating costs, but autogas is a proven clean fuel technology that is available right here, right now,” says David H. Koppenhaver, president and owner of Koppy’s Propane. “We take pride in joining Alliance AutoGas to provide a comprehensive program for businesses that want to switch from gasoline to this dependable clean fuel technology. Alliance is really leading the autogas industry, and we're honored to join this network of trusted partner companies that we know and respect.”

Family owned and operated since 1944, Koppy's Propane of Williamstown, Pa., is one of the largest independent propane suppliers in the state. Koppenhaver shares leadership with his daughters, Vice President Kara K. Tucker and Treasurer/Secretary Kristen Koppenhaver. The company began by servicing the propane needs of residential, commercial and agricultural customers, before adding the transportation and wholesale markets in 1984. Over the past 27 years, Koppy's has become one of the state’s premier propane wholesalers and transporters.

“We welcome Koppy’s Propane to our network of partners working together to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil and enhance energy security,” says Alliance AutoGas President Stuart Weidie. “Autogas is playing an increasingly important role in our national energy supply strategy. Alliance AutoGas is continuing to expand in response to the alternative fuel demands of fleets nationwide.”

Alliance Autogas delivers a comprehensive program that minimizes effort on the part of fleet managers, ensures all drivers and other personnel have extensive safety training and guarantees ongoing expert technical support. As part of Alliance AutoGas, Koppy’s Propane is now able to serve the growing demand from fleets interested in the benefits of switching to autogas.