EDEN PRAIRIE, MN -  GE Capital Fleet Services announced it has launched a new mobile application, U.S. Fuel Price Mapping, to enable drivers and fleet managers to reduce fueling costs. The application, part of GE’s mobile fleet platform, helps drivers locate the correct type of fuel at the lowest price from any location, all from their mobile device.

Drivers enter their location, search radius and required fuel type.  Five locations with the lowest fuel price options will be listed first, with the ability to list additional sites. All results can be re-sorted by brand or radius. For drivers in unfamiliar areas, any site chosen can be plotted on a map using GPS, and maps can be changed to satellite, hybrid or terrain views. Fuel prices listed reflect the most current and accurate data available.

“The U.S. Fuel Price Mapping application is a great addition to our portfolio of products dedicated to helping drivers on the road,” said Deb Frodl, chief strategy officer at GE Capital Fleet Services. “We continue to improve and expand our fleet technology offerings to help customers manage their bottom line, while increasing driver and operational efficiency.”

In addition, GE Capital Fleet Services’ Fuel Card program offers an alternative to traditional payment methods, allowing drivers to purchase fuel with one convenient card that is accepted at nine out of 10 fuel stations nationwide. The program provides customers with detailed fuel transaction reporting, exception analysis and consolidated billing that allows customers to monitor fuel purchases online and potentially reduce fuel expenses.

The new application is the latest in a suite of mobile applications offered by GE which includes the Maintenance Service & Repair Provider, aimed at helping drivers locate the nearest and most convenient maintenance providers; and Personal Mileage reporting, which allows drivers to report their personal use miles using their mobile devices.