DAYTONA BEACH, FL - It’s no doubt that Performance Friction Brakes gives teams an undeniable competitive advantage in the draft. If you could draft with zero drag, wouldn’t you? PFC’s revolutionary ZR43 Zero Drag caliper allows the race car to gain that extra boost of momentum when they release the brakes.

The quick release from PFC’s patented pad retraction system eliminates brake drag coming out of the corners. In restrictor plate racing, you do not have the “zip” or acceleration you would with 800 HP, so releasing the pedal more efficiently and reducing drag in return is giving you a bigger motor and/or more horsepower. The Zero Drag system is worth up to 8-10 more horsepower, which in NASCAR is HUGE. Drafting plays a huge role in Sprint Cup Racing on speedways and drivers rely on their brakes to hook up in the draft, so braking has a huge impact on the outcome of a race.

The spectacular finish of the 53rd annual Daytona 500 was yet another testament to the dominance of Performance Friction Brakes at the World Center of Racing. The top 5 finishers in the 500 were all running Performance Friction 01 compound brake pads. Carl Edwards and David Gilliland, who came home 2nd and 3rd were running full PFC packages which included Zero Drag calipers, rotors and pads.

Performance Friction 01 compound is not just for Sprint Cup Racing, but a race pad that has been proven in nearly every major racing series in the world. 01 is one of the most popular race compounds in the PFC's arsenal and can be used for anything from oval tracks to road courses. PFC’s race pads provide more stopping power, more bite and increased corner speeds.

Performance Friction would like to congratulate Trevor Bayne, the Wood Brothers and Ford Racing on an incredible win. Many people hadn’t heard of Trevor Bayne until last Sunday but Trevor has been a force to reckon with on short tracks throughout the southeast for years. Bayne was a former competitor in the Allison Legacy Series, Hooter’s Pro Cup Series and the NASCAR K&N Pro Series.

Bayne had multiple wins in each series that he raced in and was always regarded to be a rising star in the sport. The rising star etched his name in the history books by winning the most coveted prize in NASCAR, the Daytona 500. Many drivers struggle their entire careers to win the 500 and Bayne did it in just his 2nd Sprint Cup Series start ever. Many of NASCAR’s elite could see something special in him. In fact, Jeff Gordon had enough confidence in the young man that he was Bayne’s drafting partner in the Gatorade Duel races earlier in the week.

The Wood Brothers prepared a lightning fast Ford for Trevor and the rest became history. We are proud that Performance Friction Carbon Metallic Race Pads were along for the ride! To learn more about Performance Friction products visit