SAN DIEGO – Waste Connections, a solid waste management company, has signed a five-year contract with DriveCam to Inc., a global driver risk-management company, to add its Fleet Tracking product to Waste Connections' entire fleet of 4,000 vehicles. This is in addition to Waste Connections renewing its five-year contract with DriveCam to use the company’s Managed Service Program.

“Due to the reliability of DriveCam, our partnership during the past four years has resulted in some very positive results in the overall safety performance at Waste Connections,” commented Darrell Chambliss, Waste Connections Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

“We’ve seen good results with DriveCam," he continued. "The DriveCam product and information provided through Managed Services continually drives change in employee behavior thereby reducing accidents and allowing our company to focus on our number one operating value: SAFETY. Because of these results, we’re adding Fleet Tracking to our entire fleet to increase productivity and compliance. DriveCam is ideal for waste operations, such as ours, and takes us to the next level in ensuring safety within our communities. ”

According to a DriveCam representative, use of this fleet tracking solution is new for Waste Connections. The company’s Fleet Tracking product provides real-time information on fleet operations via a fleet vehicle’s on-board event recorder. Waste Connections’ fleet management personnel will be able to use DriveCam’s online Web-based service to access data provided via the company’s Fleet Tracking solution.

Waste Connections will also continue to use DriveCam’s DriveCam product as part of the contract, which is a video recording system that mounts behind the rear-view mirror and can see inside and outside the vehicle. It only saves video information when it detects “risky” driving behavior, such as swerving or sudden braking.

“We are proud to be working with Waste Connections,” commented DriveCam CEO Brandon Nixon. “With large fleets like Waste Connections, industry experience and the ability to scale are critical to minimizing the costs associated with risky driving. As evidenced by our Managed Services Program and Fleet Tracking Solution, DriveCam continues to innovate to bring exceptional value to long-standing clients, such as Waste Connections.”