ORANGE COUNTY, CA - AlliedBarton Security Services has added GPS Insight to improve the security services the company offers via its vehicle fleet. The company said the addition of this tool has led to a significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs as well as an increase in employee accountability.

AlliedBarton began using GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution in Orange County, Calif. Matt Klock, district manager, chose GPS Insight for multiple reasons, including training availability.

“The representative spent time training me on the product and was always available for me when I had questions,” he explained. Klock added that the company was also able to customize the product based on AlliedBarton's needs.

AlliedBarton said that GPS Insight has been able to provide officer accountability, verification of officer patrol, detection of fraud and helped avoid unnecessary vehicle repairs. Since the implementation of GPS Tracking for AlliedBarton's Orange County vehicles, GPS Insight is now the nationwide GPS Tracking partner for AlliedBarton.