MANASSAS, VA - The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, alleging that Hyundai and Honda may have violated the Magnuson-Moss Act when the automakers warned vehicle owners against the use of recycled and aftermarket crash parts and indicated they could void warranties, reported. 

The action is just the latest development in an ongoing debate over the safety and reliability of recycled and aftermarket crash parts. The controversy has divided different segments of the automotive world -- automakers, recycled parts providers, collision repair shops, aftermarket parts manufacturers and insurance providers. 

ARA CEO Michael E. Wilson argued that recycling parts unaffected by a collision can help consumers save money, and that recent automaker warnings are an attempt to limit competition in the automotive parts market. The automakers, in contrast, have argued that use of recycled parts in collision repair can compromise safety.