SPARKS, MD - PHH Arval announced it has acquired select assets of the Center for Transportation Safety LLC, including the company's brand. 

The Center for Transportation Safety LLC is a leading provider of fleet risk management and training solutions, focusing on simulator, classroom, behind-the-wheel and mobile training programs for drivers of all classes of vehicles in the United States and Canada. 

PHH Arval, a subsidiary of PHH Corp., is a fleet management services provider in the United States and Canada.
PHH Arval will now market its newly acquired risk management and training products and solutions under the PHH Center for Transportation Safety (CTS) brand, and CTS will operate as a separate division within PHH Arval.  
"This new in-house capability, made possible by the acquisition of the Center for Transportation Safety LLC's assets and brand, is another step in PHH Arval's commitment to investing in the products, services, technology and capabilities that benefit our clients," said George Kilroy, president and CEO of PHH Arval. "We see this as a great opportunity to enhance our fleet risk and safety offerings, an area of prime importance to our clients. We will combine CTS' safety training expertise with our existing portfolio of risk and safety services to help our clients reduce their vehicle accident rates and costs and keep their fleet drivers safer."  
Jay Shelly, former president and owner of the Center for Transportation Safety LLC, has been hired by PHH Arval to help lead the newly created division.

This acquisition follows a recent announcement about PHH Arval's strategic partnership with a safety firm focused on Web-based driver training. These additions are designed to further strengthen PHH Arval's ability to offer programs to identify risk, provide targeted training, and manage vehicle crashes.
PHH's Center for Transportation Safety will provide driver safety capabilities that cover vehicles of all sizes, including cars and light trucks, police and rescue vehicles, delivery vehicles, straight trucks, tractor-trailers, specialty tractor-trailers and forklifts. The simulator, classroom, behind-the-wheel and mobile training programs can be accomplished at the client's site or a field location. 

PHH's Center for Transportation Safety also provides training for new hires and employees who have been assigned company vehicles for the first time. Moreover, the center's programs help clients in recruiting and training drivers to receive their Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDLs).
PHH Arval provides outsourced fleet management solutions to corporate clients, including nearly one-third of the Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit