MADISON, WI - The Wisconsin Legislature has passed a bill that prohibits drivers from e-mailing or texting behind the wheel. 

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle is expected to sign the bill into law, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. If he does sign the bill, it will go into effect seven months later. 

Drivers in violation of the texting/e-mail ban can be fined anywhere between $20 and $400. 

This legislation will made Wisconsin the 24th state to pass such a texting ban for drivers. 

In other news, Wisconsin legislators adjourned their session without approving proposed restrictions on insurance company direct repair referrals. Companion bills AB121 and SB118 had proposed consumer disclosure requirements for insurance companies. The bills also sought to restrict insurers from making a referral if a vehicle owner indicated that he or she already had selected a body shop. Moreover, the bills prohibited insurance adjusters from preparing a damage estimate, or changing one, without physically inspecting the damage.